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At no stage should anyone attempt to apply, use or teach acupuncture without correct and recognised training in acupuncture and /or Chinese medicine. Incorrect application of acupuncture or similar without correct training and guidance can be dangerous.

This App and the associated book are intended as guides only for the location of acupuncture points. In no way does the author, publisher, representatives of same, employees, sub-contractors, family or associates purport to be teaching acupuncture, point location or dry needling in any way or form. The aforementioned can never be held liable or responsible for any errors, mistakes, accidents, mis-adventures, medical issues or any events arising from acupuncture, dry needling, electro- acupuncture, acupressure or similar applied to any humans or animals. This applies indefinitely no matter what location in the world.

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Standard copyright laws and agreements applies to all parts of MAP.

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